Home & Garden Show Survival Guide

Home shows are a great way to learn about the different types of vendors available for the projects you are looking into for your home. Below is a friendly guide to surviving (and getting the most out of) the home and garden shows in your area. Don’t forget to print a copy of the guide to take with you to the event!


Gear Up to Get the Most From Your Visit

Remodeling can really be a fun & fulfilling experience.

Home shows are a great way to learn more about the projects you are looking into for your home.

What To Bring:

List of Project Needs & Questions:

Prepare a list the day/night before and bring it with you the day of the event. Nothing is worse then walking away and then remembering that important question or piece of information you missed.

Photos & Inspiration:

Bring photos (printed or on a mobile device) of your project site (windows, siding, sunroom, roofing), along with photos of example projects that you like. This will allow vendors to more accurately design to your needs. Pinterest and Houzz are two great resources to use when speaking with vendors.


Bring measurements for your projects. Having the correct square footage, window/door size will help you get a more accurate estimate and compare between vendors.


Know your budget before you get to the event. A home show is a great time to take advantage of vendor promotions and potential savings.

Questions to Ask:

  1. What makes you different from your competition? The home improvement industry is saturated with contractors. Find out what sets them apart from everyone else.
  2. Who builds your products? Where are they made?
  3. Who installs your projects?
  4. What is your guarantee? Does that include installation? How long is the guarantee?
  5. How many years have you been in business? A company’s tenure can be a testament to the quality of its products and services.
  6. When can they start on the project? How long will the project take? Having a timeline range will help with the planning of your project(s).
  7. What type of accreditations does your business have?


Ask QuestionsIt’s also important to realize that sometimes it’s not the answers you get that are significant, but the answers you don’t get.

Asking the right questions is not enough. You need to pay attention to your instincts and think about what information may be missing.

Increase Comfort & Energy:

Increase Energy & Comfort


Bring Envelope Address Labels

Stick your address labels on prize/info entries or business cards to save time writing it down every time.

Bring Envelope Address Labels

Your time is valuable.

researching home showsMaximize your time at a home show by researching vendors before the show, visit their website, check out their online reputation, then write down their home show vendor information using the space on the print-out sheets below. For specific projects choose up to three different vendors to compare and visit.

Download & Print The Guide

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Home Show Survival Guide | Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Home Shows

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