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4 Ways Garage Doors Increase Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal plays a major role in real and perceived home value. Clean, well-maintained garage doors that complement your home’s style create lasting first impressions for guests and potential homebuyers. With the right garage door and features, you can make your Pittsburgh home the best looking house on the block.

What exactly is curb appeal? Why does it matter?

Put simply, your property’s curb appeal is its level of attractiveness. An eye-catching exterior draws in potential homebuyers, and they’re more likely to schedule a viewing if the outward appearance is impressive. Plus, raising and maintaining curb appeal increases your home’s value and may allow you to get a higher sale price. 

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1. Garage Doors Complement Your Home’s Architecture

For the best results, your garage door style should complement the architectural theme of your home. Some popular styles include classic, carriage and farmhouse, and each have their own unique aesthetic. If your home has a more traditional design, consider the timeless look of the classic style. The carriage style makes a lasting impression with doors that open by swinging out rather than rolling up. Combining modern sophistication with a rustic appeal, the farmhouse design has become a trending style in recent years. Choosing the right type of garage door is the starting point for other details, like material, color and decorative hardware.

2. Garage Doors Enhance Your Home’s Exterior Colors

A quality garage door goes hand-in-hand with other home facade features. When choosing the right color, it’s important to consider how the door will strengthen or contrast other exterior elements. For example, what color are your shutters and trim? If your home is a flat color or natural stone, a brightly colored garage door will create a visual flair. The material chosen for the door also should blend with the style of your home. Wood adds rustic charm and warmth, while modern glass makes a more dramatic statement. Plus, the energy efficiency and durability of steel and fiberglass garage doors boost your curb appeal without the maintenance of other materials.

3. Garage Doors Can Be Customized With Windows and Hardware

Garage doors don’t have to be flat and drab. Decorative handles and hardware enhance curb appeal without breaking the bank. Adding windows to your garage door provides architectural design and brings natural light to the interior. For larger doors, windows make the size seem less expansive and don’t draw as much attention. Alternatively, adding bigger windows makes a smaller garage door seem larger than it really is.

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4. Garage Doors Incorporate Well With Landscaping

Create a visually appealing exterior and enhance curb appeal with well-designed landscaping around your garage door. Use potted plants, shrubs or trees to frame the entrance. For a more drastic transformation, add decorative stonework surrounding the door or in your driveway to make a focal point. These simple landscaping projects turn your garage from an eye-sore into a selling feature.

Maintaining Garage Doors for Long-lasting Appeal

Wash away dirt and grime from your garage door to keep it looking pristine and extend its lifespan. Dish soap or car soap goes a long way in keeping your doors looking brand new. If you have steel, aluminum or fiberglass doors, a yearly coat of wax protects the door from damage and fading. When cleaning, take the  time to inspect for damage on the surface, tracks, belts and chains. Some minor issues can be an easy DIY fix, or it may be time to replace your garage door.

Increase Your Curb Appeal with Window World

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