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Advantages of Sliding Glass Doors & Windows

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There’s a reason sliding doors and windows have been popular choices for home renovations for decades. From increased aesthetics to added health benefits, explore all the benefits sliding glass doors and windows can bring to your Pittsburgh-area home.

Increased Natural Light

A daily dose of sunlight lifts spirits and infuses your home’s interior with welcoming ,inviting warmth. It also reduces dependence on artificial light, reducing energy costs. Exposing yourself to natural light boosts energy levels, enhances comfort and regulates your circadian rhythm for a better night’s sleep. Sliding glass doors and windows maximize light in your Pittsburgh home during the daytime, curing seasonal blues.

Vinyl French Rail Door

Better Ventilation and Airflow

Installing a large sliding window or door can make a world of difference in your airflow and circulation. If you have small or few windows, your home’s ventilation may be lacking. Open your windows or doors to let the fresh breeze air out your stuffy home in the summer. Sliding windows and doors can improve your home’s energy efficiency by reducing the need for air conditioning while improving the air quality, scent and feel.

Easier to Open and Close

Sliding doors and windows are extremely easy to open and close. With traditional windows and doors, fighting gravity makes it more challenging to open. Simply unlock the latch and slide sideways to open sliding doors and windows. They glide smoothly along the track, eliminating the need for complex mechanisms or hinges. The effortless opening and closing is convenient and accessible for those with mobility issues or those who prefer a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

patio with sliding door

Low Maintenance and Durability

Sliding glass systems have fewer moving parts than traditional hinged doors and windows, reducing the risk of mechanical failures and broken parts. The tracks are designed with durability in mind, requiring little maintenance beyond occasional cleaning. The panes are highly resistant to the elements, providing your home years of reliable performance with minimal upkeep.

Suitable for Smaller Homes

Unlike traditional doors and windows, sliders don’t require the clearance to open and close them, leaving ample usable space for furniture and unobstructed pathways. Smaller homes can feel closed in, but sliding windows create an optical illusion that makes your space seem larger than it is.

Uninterrupted Views

When you add a large window or door, the outdoors becomes part of your home. Whether you have a beautiful garden or a city view of Pittsburgh, sliding windows and doors give you an uninterrupted view year round. Sliding glass doors makes it easier for parents to watch their kids play outside for extra peace of mind, too.

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Brighten Your Home With Window World of Pittsburgh

Increased natural light, low maintenance and a beautiful view all make sliding doors and windows a great addition to your home. At Window World of Pittsburgh, the possibilities are endless. We offer a wide range of sliding windows, sliding patio doors and french rail doors to bring these advantages to you. Schedule your free consultation today to get started.