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10 Ways to Dress a Window Without Curtains

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While curtains are definitely a fan-favorite window treatment, there are plenty of versatile options out there for decorating your windows. With so many choices, it can be difficult to narrow down a functional window treatment that also fits your budget and style. Continue reading to choose your favorite window treatment for dressing up any window in your home.

How to Dress Up Your Windows Without Curtains

Curtains don’t work in every space. It’s important to dress your windows in a way that allows your windows to function smoothly and maintain (or boost!) their aesthetic appeal.

Metal Awning

Have a sunny spot that receives a little too much light? Create a bit of shade by installing metal awnings on the exterior of your home. Not only can awnings provide shade to protect your home’s siding, but they also introduce an element of interest to your home’s appearance. They’re a versatile choice, available in modern or more nostalgic designs.


Blinds are often used in smaller spaces or for spaces that have more moisture like your bathroom or kitchen. They’re useful for keeping sunlight out and preventing internal light from escaping. Depending on your budget, motorized or cordless blinds are options that boast effortless transitions.

Roman Shades

While full-length curtains bring drama and sophistication into a room, but they may not work in every space. Much like curtains, Roman shades are fabric window coverings that can be raised or lowered to control sunlight exposure and internal temperature. Roman shades are easily retractable, fit within your window’s frame and provide a more elegant, modernized look with the same light control as curtains.

Hanging Plants

Lively up your windows by hanging plants from the ceiling or along a sturdy clothing rod. Are you a DIY person? Get crafty and make your own hanging planter with macrame, or simply purchase a few from your local plant store. Need a renter-friendly plant hack? Look for adhesive hooks that can handle heavy loads for your smaller, lighter plants.

Frosted Glass Film

Frosted window film filters sunlight and adds more privacy to your windows without sacrificing natural light. Available in a variety of designs, privacy film is typically easy to apply and maintain. Check your manufacturer’s manual before applying privacy film or modifying your windows, as you may void your window’s warranty.


home with vinyl siding

For a more traditional appearance, interior shutters are a popular window treatment that is available in a wide range of styles. Large slats will provide a clear view of the outdoors, while smaller slats give your home a charming, relaxed feel.

Stenciled Signs

If you own a local business, applying stenciled window decals with your company’s logo or address makes a statement to passersby. Stenciled decals can be customized based on size, color, and design preferences, making them the perfect choice for businesses, office spaces or restaurants. If you run a business from your home, this can also be a fairly subtle nod to your business too!

Herb Garden

Turn your kitchen windows into the optimal growing spot with a garden filled with your herbs of choice. Elevate any culinary dish with a selection of fresh herbs, growing right on your window sill. Live plants add a splash of green that instantly freshens up any dull space. This is a great way for people with minimal or no backyard space to still include some plant life in their homes!


Don’t save your decorative wreaths for the holidays. Instead, find seasonal wreaths to utilize year-round in your windows. For an extra personalized touch, source native plants and greenery for a weekend DIY project that looks great all season long.

Faux Stained Glass

Just like stenciled signs, transform your windows with faux stained glass decals. This renter-friendly hack adorns any window with customizable designs in a variety of colors and patterns.

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