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Why Install a Storm Door?

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Need a little extra protection or natural light in your home? Whether it’s new-to-you or simply a replacement, storm doors provide a layer of protection for your home’s entryway. Let’s walk through the benefits of investing in storm doors from Window World. 

What is a Storm Door?

A storm door is built to endure everyday wear and extreme weather your Pittsburgh home may encounter. With durable glass panels and tough aluminum framing to protect your home from damage, you’ll be able to enjoy views of the outdoors and still feel protected. Pair this with interchangeable screen door options for indoor-outdoor enjoyment of your natural surroundings. 

Our various storm door styles are custom-fit to your home’s entry door, making them a truly unique part of your home’s overall look. If you are concerned about severe weather or simply want a little more light inside your home, adding a storm door is the perfect way to protect your home! 

Do Storm Doors Help with Energy Efficiency?

Yes, storm doors contribute to your home’s overall energy efficiency. Our storm doors have several insulation features that reduce heat transfer and drafts. During warmer weather, the interchangeable screen doors are there to provide a little extra airflow, and when temperatures drop, the innovative weatherstripping seals prevent cold air from seeping in. Storm doors also act as an additional thermal barrier, with the sturdy frames protecting your front door from rust, rot, and warping from outdoor weather conditions.

Not only do storm doors help your home in the practical sense, they’re also helpful for your wallet. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency gives you the opportunity to save money on utility bills, and allows your home’s HVAC system to work efficiently. 

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Benefits of Storm Doors

Increased Home Comfort

When storm doors are properly sealed, they regulate your home’s indoor temperature and airflow. With the dual weatherstripping’s tight seal in place, air from outside cannot get in, meaning your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard keeping your home comfortable. This can also extend the health of your front door, keeping it from rusting and rotting. 

Protection Against the Elements

Storm doors provide an extra layer of defense against harsh weather conditions. The tough heavy-gauge aluminum frame means you’ll have a strong barrier you can trust to protect your home. It even helps against more everyday worries: having a storm door will keep bugs out, which is invaluable during the summer months.

Storm doors also serve as the first line of defense for your entry door against rain, snow and wind damage, bringing you peace of mind about the integrity of your entryway.  

Improved Security

Storm doors offer an additional level of security to the home by creating an additional barrier between the exterior and interior doors. With its strong BUILT-IN™ deadbolt locking mechanism and heavy-gauge aluminum frame, these doors are built with sturdy materials that deter intruders from entering your home. 

Increased Natural Light and Ventilation

Just like a window, your storm door with its glass panels allows for more natural light to enter your home. Leaving your storm door open allows for a brighter and more inviting entryway. There are several ventilation options for your storm door, such as adjustable screens or vents. All of these styles can fit seamlessly into your home’s style and needs. 

With optional retractable screens right at your front door, you won’t even need a window to enjoy the fresh air from your neighborhood. This is great for staying connected and talking to neighbors or guests that are entering your home. It is important to keep a comfortable indoor environment, so you can relax and enjoy the breeze with this inviting feature. 

Protect Your Home with a New Storm Door

Storm doors add an extra layer of protection and natural light to your home, bringing improved comfort, energy efficiency and security right to your front door. At Window World of Pittsburgh, we offer a variety of storm door styles to complement your home! Schedule your free consultation today to get started